Welcome to Body in Balance Studio

Our studio is a place to find help and direction with your body. We’ve focus on the whole you. How you optimize your health is daily investment. It an ongoing opportunity to fine-tune how you feel, how you move.

We hope that whatever brought you here, Massage Therapy, Infrared Sauna or Community Self-Care, that you use this opportunity to tinker with you!

We are a small, but mighty and deeply committed group. We love what we do and want to meet you where you are today to improve all your tomorrows.

Who is The Body in Balance Studio

At Body in Balance, our mission is to help you and your body to get along a little bit better.  Our body’s are in a constant state of change 24/7.  Our goal is to greet you at every appointment or class and address your ever changing needs.
We believe in our body’s innate ability to heal itself. When you remove obstacles like pain or movement challenges, and work to reconnect our mind with our body – we return to a more intuitive place. A place where we can re-learn that we “know” how to help ourselves. We just need support, assurance and direction to understand how to get there.
Our studio is uniquely nestled on SR539 (Guide Meridian Rd) right in the middle of our incredible North county farmland. Built in 2009, this facility is fresh, inviting and very accessible for any mobility level. There are no stairs to negotiate at all. Parking is abundant and directly in front of the main door.  In the summer our dairy cows are in the field adjacent to the studio. Easy to find. Peaceful and private.

What Client’s Say

Kim is amazing! I have been to MANY massage therapists. Kim is the only one I would recommend. I always leave there feeling loosened up and ready for the world.
Halli, Lynden, WA
Each experience at Body & Balance has been relaxing, supportive and professional.
Jeff, Lynden, WA
Kim’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the human body ensures that you will not only receive a BRILLIANT MASSAGE, but also leave with new insights regarding your body’s mechanics and how best to care for it.
Jesse, Lynden, WA
Kim has helped me feel better through massage therapy and taught me how to take care of myself and improve my level of health.
Doug, Lynden, WA
I have been seeing Kim for massage therapy for several years. She is THE BEST I have found to go when I have pain, or if I just need to relax.
Grace, Lynden, WA

Massage Therapist

Kim Vlas
Kim VlasMassage Therapist

Kim Koruga-Vlas, RMT, LMP

Kim Koruga-Vlas is a 2009 graduate of the internationally renowned West Coast College of Massage Therapy – a rigorous 3,000 hour Canadian Massage Therapy program in New West Minster BC, Canada. Upon graduation, she constructed her own Massage Therapy Studio on the north edge of their 110-acre dairy. Kim is an intuitive, compassionate registered massage therapist (RMT) and licensed massage therapist (LMT), who is deeply committed to maximizing the healing of her clients.

Her approach to treatment is to maximize optimum health by removing obstacles (pain/restricted movement) in the body, allowing the well-being of the individual to emerge. Kim believes the human body has an innate ability to heal itself. We just need support, assurance and direction to understand how to get there.

“My focus is to bring the whole body into balance, unblocking areas of the body where mobility and fluid flow are not functioning optimally to create positive change and attain harmonious balance among the body systems.”

Before kids, when all things in life could be ordered according to my schedule, I had a career developing in Information Technology in the Seattle, Washington area. I believed that one day, when I married and hopefully had children I would take my 6-8 weeks maternity leave and return to the office like most other women I knew.

Then I fell in love with Peter, who lived far, far away and he wasn’t moving to the city! Seven years later we married and my next adventure was to be in the country. Operators Manual Not Available. As love would have it, I quit my job, moved to the dairy my husband Peter was rebuilding 100 miles north in Lynden, Washington and began anew, really new, as a farmer.

I learned to “wake on demand” when the cows were out or the babies were crying. I learned to milk cows, mow lawn (city apartments don’t have those) and pull calves. I learned to love crabby babies and even crabbier husbands. I worked to make my new life as fulfilling and interesting as the one I left. The change was every bit as drastic as it felt.

I was born and raised in a pretty big Catholic family in Seattle. Moving to a farm wasn’t ever something I pondered – what is a heifer anyway?! But here I am, and very grateful for the privilege of raising our children in this environment and being a part of this agricultural community.

We love our Dairy farm and the lifestyle it brings our family and our community. Who wouldn’t love never being able to count on the weather, your daily plans, your income or your future! That often sums up full-time farming: Since 1988 for me and 1970 for my husband Peter, we have farmed here in this place..

After completing a rigorous 3,000 hour Canadian Massage Therapy (RMT) program in New West Minster BC, in 2009 we built my Massage Therapy Studio building on the north edge of our 110-acre dairy. A pristine setting for massage therapy and perfect for its short commute (about 100’). This allows me to continue supporting our family dairy farm. Mostly, in the capacity of endless paperwork. Sometimes, with feeding a few calves and sorting a few cows. Inevitably, with chasing a few cows – off my lawn.