Taiji & Qigong

Qigong and Taiji Classes, Lynden WA


Qigong is training your body, mind, breath and energy to work together in gentle, self-healing ways.  It is an ancient practice developed in China through continuous gererations of practice over four millennia.  Book Dragon Qigong (Robert’s apporach) is an integrated system of gentle self-healing movements drawn from a wide array of ancients and modern practices from China; from the science of the West; from healing systems both Easter and Western; and from his personal experience in teaching Qigong since 1996.

Simple Taiji (Tai Chi)

Simple Taiji will increase your physical balance, foster relaxation, improve your structure and enhance your immunity.

The practice of Taiji is much more than a health exercise. It is a moving meditation, an ever-moving succession of healing motions, a deeply-layered mine of precious ore, a never-ending book of teachings, a builder of character, an intellectual exploration, a training of the wondering mind, a reorganizer of the chaotic body, a calming down of the spirit, a restorer of natural rhythms, a tool for understanding yourself. It is a practical and philosophical way to deal with the river flow of life, the vicissitudes of change and ceaseless flow. It is an ocean of possibilities. It is a mini-galaxy in self-contained orbit in the greater universe.

Simple Qigong – 8 Week Class Series: Ongoing – Beginners are Welcome.
Time Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 12 pm to 1 pm
Teacher Robert Bates, DC, MMQ  (Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and Master of Medical Qigong degree)
Cost $90 for each 8 Week Series – may also go (for no extra charge to teachers studio on Axton Rd alternate days)
Sign-up Call (360) 354-0359 – though not required. May just show-up 1st class day to check it out.


Learn more at... www.FunwithQigong.com